"Pregnancy is a kind of miracle. Especially so in that it proves that a man and woman can conspire to force God to create a new soul."- Robert Anton Wilson

“It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding” – Erma Bombeck

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

33rd Week Of My Pregnancy: Pre-Natal Check Up & Ultra Sound

I had my doctor's appointment last Monday, March 1 and it was a holiday here in Thailand. It was a Makha Bucha Day (Substitute Day). It is nice that my doctor was there as I thought he would spent his one day holiday with his family.

When we got there, it took us an hour to wait for the doctor because he had to attend someone in the operating room. I was afraid, in my mind, it could be a caesarian operation... geeezzz.. I don't like it. I hope I won't be that worst when my time has come.

My husband guessed that I would be 75 kilos more. But to my surprise, I was only 73.3 kilos. I am not sure enough if that is a normal weight for an eight months pregnant. However, if I am overweight, I am pretty sure my doctor would advice me to start dieting (laughs). I am happy he didn't say anything about my weight, I assumed it was a good news for me not to undergo a caesarian soon. I am not alarmed, why should I? Should I be alarmed? No... I am not overweight. When I was at the Thai Immigration last Friday, I saw a weighing scale with a coin slot machine. It only need 1 baht coin to operate. I weighed myself and it turned out that I was 73.9 kilos, that was because I was super full in lunch hehehe.

I handed my USB to the doctor so as to save my sonogram (ultrasound)result there. I should have thought of bringing my USB for my 6 month pregnancy check up but I always, always forgot to take it with me, or too lazy to prepare things in advance... (perhaps).

To be honest, I am not satisfied about the doctor's interpretation/impression on my sonogram because he has limited english vocabulary. I am not saying he couldn't understand and speak english, it's just that he could not interpret it in english perfectly. Like when, I look at the ultrasound (image # 4 while he was explaining it to us, I wasn't convinced that it was a nose or lips because it look like hands and fingers than a nose and lips. I can't see why the nose is far from lips :(

This is one thing I didn't like about my male doctor, the fact that he's not telling all the details about my pregnancy like my water or fluid level is normal, my weight is fine and everything. Perhaps, if I have a female doctor... I wouldn't have any confusions like this. First of all, it is sensitive to discuss that my breasts are itching and I have my milk already, or even ask this: what should I do to prevent myself scratching my itchy boobies? But I am happy when he told me that my placenta is in a normal position, and the baby's head is down in a vertical position. Unlike, the last time we visited that she was in a horizontal position, her head was on my right and feet were on my left.

It is difficult to communicate with Thai doctors here indeed as they have limited english vocabulary but I have got no choice because there are no other doctors there who could speak any better than him. Language barrier is really a big problem. How I wish, we won't deal any problems during my labor and I am keeping my fingers crossed, whew!.

I wish I could ask for more questions but he looks busy all the time that he need to attend to many patients. I started thinking to list down all my questions in my mind so I am ready the next time we visit him. My next and last check up will be on March 29, 2010 and it is also a Monday.

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