"Pregnancy is a kind of miracle. Especially so in that it proves that a man and woman can conspire to force God to create a new soul."- Robert Anton Wilson

“It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding” – Erma Bombeck

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

32nd Week: Buying Clothes and Things For Our Little Sofia

I started buying things for our little one since the first day of February. I am so excited to buy stuff for her, even the expensive ones ;) Which is why I was grounded lately hahahaha

Just few of the things that I bought for my little Sofia. They look simple but they are expensive indeed.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Sweetheart's New Car

Last February 5 (Friday), my Sweetheart bought a new car so we could use it to take our little one safely to where we wanted, by the time she's born. As well as, to make it easier to move out, as we planned. I had my first ride on the following day and I thought of taking a few pictures of him so I could show them to our little one when she grow up.

He's having a difficult time sometimes because the car's steering wheel is right handed, the streets here are narrows and congested due to frequent traffic jams, nevertheless he's such a careful driver.

We went out to see a movie and shopping afterwards, for our basic necessities which is usually good for the whole week. When we went at Fashion Island Mall, the problem was, the parking lot. It was such a pain the in the ass to park in there it is always full. It took us about 40 minutes to find a parking space available.

The next day, he invited me to see the house he wanted to get for us. It' s a three bedroom and two storey house. We hope to move in there as soon as possible. But, he needs to settle things from work first before we move out. I am happy that he is responsible enough to think of our future.

Before he bought the car, he first ask me if the color of the car seat is okay with me. I thought, he's gonna buy the second hand car but he told me it is wiser to get the new car because it has an insurance and we won't have problems of taking it to the repair shop every now and then because it is brand new. The cost of buying a second hand car is almost as much as having a brand new one.

Every planning or decision he's going to make, he is always sharing it or asking me about my preferences. It is very important in any relationship that the couple has same expectations or aware of their expectations and accepting their differences.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

31st Week of My Pregnancy: Fetal Development

Just thought of sharing this fetal development here so it will give you all future moms out there to imagine how it goes during the 31st week of fetal development and for me to reminisce in the future :D. I subscribed to this website called Triplets Mommy and here's the website below so you can also search for whatever you want about your pregnancy status.


From this week on, your baby will continue to gain around 1/2 pound a week until shortly before birth (even though it may feel like a whole lot more with every step you take). Other highlights this week:

Due to increasing space constraints, your baby's arms and legs stay drawn up close to the body now, known as the fetal position (oh, so that's where that name came from!). Plus, your baby can now process information from all five senses—so she'll be all set to smell the pureed peas, taste them, feel them as she mashes them into her hair, hear you crack up and then see the flash as you grab the camera to snap picture after picture.

By now, your baby's lungs are the only system not fully mature. And by mature, we're not saying that the rest of your baby's systems are mature enough to be out past 10 PM with the neighborhood hooligan, just that her lungs need a little bit more time to bake before they can kick it in the outside world.

Your baby weighs about 3½ pounds and measures a little over 16 inches, about the same length as that miniskirt you used to wear (and will again someday!).

Your Body In Week 31

Your abdomen may be aching as it swells and your rib cage and pelvis may be sore as the baby gets bigger and fills up all the space you have available. It’s a wonderful thing that your baby is growing so well, but it may not feel that way. You will find yourself with lots of aches and pains from the pressure and the decreased amount of room in your abdomen. The pains most frequently experienced are pelvic and back pain. This would be a great time to ask your partner for a back rub or to invest in a heating pad. Also, don’t forget that maintaining good posture, taking exercise and gentle stretching can help, too.

Pregnancy Symptoms You May Experience

* Breast Changes: tenderness, fullness, darkening of the areola
* Frequent Urination
* Constipation
* Heartburn or Indigestion
* Headaches
* Stretch Marks
* Itching
* Round Ligament Pain
* Hemorrhoids

source: http://tripletsmommy.com/week-31-third-trimester-week-by-week-pregnancy-calendar

Thursday, February 18, 2010

31st Week of My Pregnancy: Activities &Toothache + Headache

I have been so busy lately that I couldn't find time to sit down and do my pending blogs for the past days and weeks. I have five (5) blogs in this account, but I've got no time in the past because of my other commitments. Yeah~ doing household chores and attending to my husband's needs, my other recreational activities (cross stitching, knitting and baby scrap book making), my travels and meeting with my friends.

One of my accomplishments this month would be the baby book of our little Sofia. It was already finished but my only problem is the printer. I am thinking of buying one but it is not wise to do so because I only need it for the baby book and nothing else. My husband promise me that he will borrow his friend's HP printer & scanner in one but it seems that the owner needs his printer these days to do his final examinations in his class. I have no choice but to print it outside, it will only cost me 10.00 baht per page. I'll start printing next week to get it done, finally.

It's my 31st week of my pregnancy this week and I am getting excited as next week will be 32nd week already which means to say that I am on my eight months and one month to go to finally be with my little darling Sofia. Time really flies so fast, I couldn't imagine that next week will be the last week of February and here comes March... then... April and the big day for our little one!

From last week until now, I have been experiencing toothache in my lower left first molar. I guess it is because my tooth filling has already a small hole that is why it is sensitive whenever I lay down, drink cold water, eat something or even breathe. I found out through my research on the internet that toothache is one of the many discomforts during pregnancy because the baby inside me is taking so much of my calcium, though, I drink soya or strawberry milk everyday. Sometimes it bothers me but sometimes it don't. If it hurts, I just couldn't bear it but sleep a little while then when I wake up it's gone.

My husband said, he researched online that the basic remedy for toothache during pregnancy would be warm water with dissolved salt or saltine water, to gargle like mouth wash. I did it once and it was really effective. My tooth only hurt like every other day and it is mild because it will only hurt about 3-5 minutes and will be gone. If it's getting worse then, I will just take a nap. I used to put toothpaste around or on the affected tooth after I brushed my teeth and gargle mouthwash. I felt relieved afterwards.

If this continues to hurt like everyday and I couldn't be able to sleep, I might see a dentist. But I am afraid because I am pregnant and i don't like to take any medicines except for my pre-natal multivitamins which is very essential to my body.

This past two weeks until now, my little one is getting more and more active. I can feel her kicks and movements in my tummy. There are times, she is quiet and doing nothing. But there are times that she doesn't seems to stop moving and kicking me. My tummy is harder than before. When I am laying on my back, I could hardly breathe. But if I lay on my right or left side, the baby is moving and kicking me. For the past three or four days I was able to sleep calmly, maybe because I did some walking exercises and outdoor activities which made my little Sofia fell asleep and stay calm... lols

Today, I have a slight headache and mild toothache. But, these won't bother me thinking of taking paracetamol or any pain reliever because I won't take risk of making my little Sofia's health go bad when she will be born. I want her to become normal and healthy baby. Nothing else matter to me. Not even my toothache and headache :D

What To Buy For A New Born Baby?

I've looked at online and at the mall about the necessary things to buy for our little Sofia. Here's what I've got (list below):

Baby's Nursery
* Crib sets
* Crib mattresses
* Bassinets
* Cradles
* Bumpers
* Sleepers
* Nursery decor
* Dressers
* Small lamp or Nightlight
* Rockers

* Crib bedding
* Crib sheets
* Receiving blankets
* Mattress pads
* Waterproof liners
* Baby blankets

* One-piece outfits
* One-piece pajamas
* Sock and booties
* Mittens
* Fleece outfits
* Sweater or Jacket (for winter)
* Bonnet or Cap (for summer)

* Cloth diapers
* Disposable diapers
* Wipes
* Washcloth's
* Diaper powder
* Sealable trash can

* Baby bottles
* Nipples
* Bottle liners
* Bottle brush
* Bottle rack
* Baby bibs
* Teethers
* Breast pump
* Breast milk storage bags
* Breast pads
* Pacifiers
* Highchair
* Cream for nipples
* Nursing pillow
* Nursing bras

Baby Bathing and Health
* Soaps & Lotions
* No-Tears shampoo
* Newborn tub
* Baby oil
* Hooded towels
* Ointment
* Thermometer
* Petroleum jelly
* Sterile cotton balls
* Baby powder
* Washcloths
* Baby nail scissors
* Baby nail clippers
* Liquid aspirin
* Baby brush
* Nasal aspirator

* Car seat
* Stroller
* Baby monitor
* Smoke alarm
* Toys
* Dreft laundry soap
* Books on parenting

This will serve as my checklist now.

source: http://www.babynamestats.com/newborn_baby_checklist.html

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting Ready: Things I Need To Bring To The Hospital

I remember this famous song, goes: ~And now... the end is near... and so I face... the final curtain... (laughs) as it is getting really near to my due date, next week will be the last week of February already. What comes to my mind when I'm writing this? The list of things that I need to bring to do hospital when the right time comes. I will stay there for three days and two nights.

Check out the list below:

1. For my oral hygiene (toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, gums or mints for bad breath)
2. Alcohol or hand sanitizer
3. Underwear (3-5 panties & 2 maternity bras-I know when giving birth,they will ask you to take off the bra and panty, lols)
4. Breast pads
5. Sanitary napkins or adult diapers (after birth, I'm pretty sure I will have my heavy flow)
6. Deodorant and Lotion
7. Snacks to keep my energy up
8. Socks and slippers
9. Clothes to wear in the hospital and when checking out
10.Reading materials (magazine, pocket book, etc)
11. MP3 player to be able to relax
12.Digital camera
14.Pre-natal medical record
15. Breastfeeding privacy cloth (this is used when you don't want others look at you while your breastfeeding your baby)
16. Tissue
17. Bottle of water

Things that our baby Sofia needs:

1. mittens and socks
2. receiving blanket with hood
3. shirt
4. pants
5. diapers
6. baby wipes
7. cloth diaper
8. Bib

I still have some things on my mind, but for now... these are on my list. I may just add up later, if I already remember other essential things to include here.

I started buying baby's clothes and things she will be needing, since the first week of February. My husband bought a new car already so that little Sofia can safely travel with us, without any hassles at all. This week's agenda is to buy her a stroller, breast feeding privacy cloth and crib.

Next week, hopefully, we could be able to settle things for our new home. We will be moving to a bigger space because we are going to have a baby too soon. My husband and I already looked at the 3 bedrooms apartment near the Fashion Island mall here in Bangkok (still). I really hope by the first week of March we already have the new house so we could buy more stuff for the baby. At present, there's no enough room for those. I'll just crossed my fingers so it will be done.

Monday, February 15, 2010

7 Months Preggy Photos Part 2

These photos were all taken last Saturday, February 13. It was a day before Valentines day and the celebration of Chinese New Year in Siam Paragon Mall, Bangkok City. I was with my two friends: Harley and Angie. It was our first meeting but we had a good time. I met them through the Siam Pinoy website, it is a social networking site for Filipinos or (OFWs) working and living in Thailand.

The rose was given to me by a close friend of mine in College named Eds. We've met early in the morning that day to watch the movie "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" @ The Emporium Mall, Bangkok.

As though I am not 7 months pregnant here in this photo :)

I was showing off my big tummy here. Next to me is Harley.

The Dragon dancer with Angie and me

I was feeling good to strike a pose here :)

Again, with Harley and my big tummy :D

The dragon made up of balloons was behind me, what a nice background :)

Then, I was bitten by the dragon, OUCH!!! hahaha

It was a very tiring day, last Saturday because I almost got home past ten in the evening. Good thing, my husband was not there waiting on me geeezzz. That was my first girls' night out, since I've been here in Bangkok. And, I must say... it was successful! Thanks to both of you, Harley and Angie! :D

Monday, February 1, 2010

My 7 Months Preggy Photos Part 1

I had a chance to travel around Bangkok last January 29, 2010 (Friday) the whole day with a good friend of mine and I am so happy that I have plenty of preggy pics courtesy of her. We went to Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) and Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)by boat cruising the biggest river in Bangkok... the Chaopraya.

This picture was taken while we were at the BTS station (MRT/LRT version in the Philippines)

My success story was that I was able to climb up the high stairs of the famous Wat Arun Temple. I was like a mother kangaroo here with a big pouch lols. I felt that was really as high as mountain in Everest (laughs).

Sitting pretty this time as I was not afraid to fall while climbing up the stairs :D

Overlooking from the top of the temple... a wonderful scenery of Bangkok by the Chaopraya river...

I was taking it easy here, my friend took random shots of me ;)

Before we went down, we exchanged taking pictures.

I was striking a pose like I'm a model :D

But, it was sunny hot that time so I couldn't bear to smile sweeter :)

I love this photo... unbelievable!!! pushing this against me hahaha

This was taken while I was on the ferry boat.
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