"Pregnancy is a kind of miracle. Especially so in that it proves that a man and woman can conspire to force God to create a new soul."- Robert Anton Wilson

“It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding” – Erma Bombeck

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Baby Sofia Is Here! It is really a GIRL!

It took awhile for me to post this blog because I got so busy with mothering job... I bet you know what I am doing (laughs aloud). Becoming a mother is not new to me, but I need to recall what I did when I was a new mom to my first born. Some of the salient details of being a mother to a newborn baby are still in my mind. On top of that, I have more time to browse and research online, read books, and magazines on baby's development(as whole). Because, the changing earth has something to say about babies and raising kids these days. I will explain this in my next blog (smile).

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Labor & Caesarian Operation

I woke up at 6:30 am, I felt so weird that morning because I thought I was hungry. I went to the toilet to pee. I checked out my panty liner if there was bloody show or spotting but there was nothing in there and I wiped my private part with a piece of tissue. I felt hungry, my tummy was burning so I ate spaghetti for breakfast thinking that it was only hunger, but I still feel the pain in my tummy after eating. I went to the toilet again to pee and when I checked my panty liner, I saw something red in there, I wiped it with a piece of tissue and it was really blood. I ignored it, maybe because I was still in denial state. I took a shower and dressed up. I grabbed the bags to get ready and I told my husband that we should go to the hospital, right away because I was feeling something weird. He was watching the football or baseball then. He was getting nervous, I know.

The doctor was expecting us on the 27th of April, Tuesday at 9:00 am for that was really my schedule for check-up. My husband picked that date. When we were in the car, I felt the contractions already but it was every 30 minutes apart. But when we reached the hospital, it became so much painful. We left home at 7:30 am. At 8:00 am, we were at the ER. They were asking so much details and told me to fill out the forms. They informed us that if we wanted to have it caesarian and we insisted that we agreed on the normal birth and the doctor was aware of it. They were explaining that the package was change because the promotion had ended. We needed to speak to three different people to be able to understand what they were saying, goodness gracious… I was in labor!

Then, we were arguing about the hospital packages, they were telling us that there’s another charge of 2,000 baht for baby’s diaper. I just thought: what is he talking about? It was not what we had agreed. We told them to contact my OB so we could understand what was that all about. Why would they tell us these things only now?

The contraction intervals were getting closer and it was becoming painful... VERY, VERY PAINFUL! I couldn't be able to talk because I wanted to SHOUT. But those drama on big screen and on TV that the pregnant women are cursing, saying bad words to the people etc. was really not TRUE. Because I could be able to control not to shout out loud. I was not even blaming my husband why I was feeling the pain (laughs). In fact, I got so mad about the doctor because he left me all alone during my labor! Argh, grrrrr..

At 9:30am, the nurse took me to the other room and told me to undress and put on the patient's uniform. Then, she inserted something like pointed plastic thin tube in my butt/anus and told me to go to the bathroom. It was so hurt that it made me suddenly pooped.

Then, they took me to the labor room and told me to lay down and wait for the doctor. The lady doctor (not my OB) came and inserted her fingers with plastic gloves in my vaginal opening to check if the baby's coming or how many centimeters dilated. She said it was only 3-5 centimeters. After 3 hours, she checked again and nothing happened. At 3:00pm, the doctor told us to decide because the baby's already tired of coming out but couldn't be able to because I was not dilated enough. I asked for a pain reliever but I could still felt a little pain. I was on labor for 9 hours.

I decided to have a caesarian operation because I had no choice, the doctor was going home then and I couldn't be able to bear the pain any longer. They took me to the operating room and injected me in my spine, they called it epidural so that I won't be able to feel the pain (anaesthesia).

I did not feel any pain at all during the operation. However, I only noticed the shortness of breathing like I was running hard and got tired. I asked my husband why I was feeling that way, he said that it was just normal and that I should stay calm and breathe as much as I could. Though, I had an oxygen I could still feel that I was running out of breath.

The operation only took about 30 minutes. They cleaned the baby, etc. They let me see the baby and I kissed her with gladness. After my operation, they told me to sit down, which obviously I couldn't (they're so stupid!). So, they helped me transferred to the hospital bed and took me to my room (6th floor).

On the following day, they were asking me to sit down, again... if I could. I tried but I really couldn't. The feeling was awful like my legs were not there. I felt like my upper half body was separating from the lower half (laughs). It was very painful, after all.

I was motivated to recover and move because I wanted to see and breast fed our baby Sofia at the nursery department (4th floor), on the following day after my operation. Day three, I was able to stand alone, unsupported and was able to manage myself. I went to the nursery room and visited her.

She was the only baby there who was very quiet and she was sleeping a lot, too. On the third day, she tried to hold her head up.

I am so much blessed to have a wonderful family! I love them all.

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